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Indoor Golf Bay

All rates are for bay rental, not per person.

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Golf Bay Rental 

1 Hour, 2 Hour and 3 Hour sessions

Explore all FSX has to offer. Enjoy world famous courses such as Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines and Cabot Cliffs or take some time to refine your game at the FSX driving range

Junior Golf Session


Gives junior golfers the opportunity to develop their skills during the off season


Punch Passes

Golf More, Save Money


5x1 hour pass


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10x1 hour pass



20x1 hour pass


Services we offer

Driving Range

With Data Capture

Practice better using GC Quad, FSX software and the new GSPro software. have the freedom to hit away into an open field or at target greens all the while capturing how far each shot goes to 0.1 of a yard. GC Quad is the only indoor simulator to accurately measure spin using "exact photometric measurements". See accurate real-life ball flights, where as trackman and other simulators has some ball flight discrepancies when indoors.

Play 18 Holes

At Pebble Beach and more

Get some friends together and play a round at one of the many courses in the FSX and GSPro library. while playing, you still have the opportunity to learn about your game from the data captured from each shot. If you struggle to recreate the success at the range to the course, no problem as you can practice while on the course to help make that transition easier. Just pick a spot on any hole and practice away.

Swing & Data Analysis

Ball and club data.

With the capture of club data we can deep dive into the numbers and take a look at your swing. This will explain how certain shot shapes are created. Examples of data that is measured includes: Club head speed, Angle of attack, Face angle, Swing path, Lie angle and many more. Looking at these metrics can diagnose some key problems in your swing and find a building blocks to further develop your progress on.

Junior Program

Develop skills in a fun environment

Through this program, juniors have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level, in a fun and dynamic way. Due to how popular golf has become, it is hard for juniors to be able to learn and develop as golfers at regular golf courses with the lack of tee times and practice facilities available.

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More About Us

Our Background & Philosophy

We created Squamish Golf Simulators to help people understand more about their own golf game and golf as a whole using launch monitors. Many golfers are unaware how the delivery of their club effects the ball flight in every shot. Learning these characteristics can help cancel out repeated errors. Another major benefit of launch monitors is knowing the distance each club in your bag goes. Knowing exactly what club to hit is imperative to getting the ball closer to the hole and lowering scores.

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